Standard & Custom Specifications

Quartz Crystal Devices

  • Quartz Crystals
  • Clock Oscillators
  • Filters, Resonators
  • RTC Modules

Magnetic Components

  • Transformers/Filters (LAN, Telecom, Pulse)
  • Transformers (Current Sense, isolation)
  • Home Phone Networking Adapter (HPNA)
  • Common Mode Chokes, Inductors
  • Delay Lines, RJ45 Filter Port Jack
  • DC/DC Modules (0.25 - 30W)

µP, µC & Software Tools

  • 8/16 - bit µP and µC ICs
  • Memories, Peripherals
  • Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Software Development Systems
  • Developer/Evaluation Boards
  • Design Services

Microcom Devices Ltd. (MDL) designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of precision Quartz Crystal Oscillators and Magnetic Components for the electronics industry involved in teleco, wireless, industrial, commercial and utility applications.

State-of-the-art engineering and production back our commitment to rigorous standards of product quality and customer service. In addition to the standard and semi-custom devices, we provide full custom component design to achieve optimization in your application. For prototypes development, we offer a very supportive samples program to assist engineers in minimizing product development time and cost. For pilot and production phases, we accommodate small and large production runs, as well as JIT type programs to ensure consistent, flexible and reliable customer support.

In partnership with The Western Design Center (WDC), we now offer component services involving 8/16-bit µP, µC, memory and peripherals. This includes standard ICs, Intellectual Property (IP) solutions, design services, developer boards and software development systems. We can provide replacement ICs for some of the CMD, Rockwell, Motorola and Intel brand processors.

To be the Preferred Supplier to our Valued Customers whose success depends on:
• High Quality Products
• Competitive Prices
• On-Time Delivery, Every Time

Our engineering is eager and available for valuable and timely support to bring benefits to our customers for optimum application-technology fit. We offer standard products, modify standard products, perform custom design and build to your exacting specifications, all with short lead times. Our staff is dedicated to working with you for an innovative and cost-effective solution that is right for your application.

With intimate knowledge of the products and underlying technology, we will provide prompt and accurate information including samples availability, price quotes, order status, shipping and tracking.

We view quality as the single most important parameter for customer satisfaction, and this philosophy is evident throughout our work from customer contact, specifications, production, shipping and billing. Our production facilities are ISO-certified and adhere to a corporate culture of continuous improvement. Our products undergo rigorous inspection, stress screening and performance testing to ensure compliance of specifications and any special requirements on custom products.

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